Fourth Engine are electronic pop duo Russ Dallen (Engine 1) & Rachel Trimble (Engine 2).

Hailing from Bristol, their emotive lyrics and passionate vocals merge seamlessly with classic 80s synth roots and more recent dancefloor influences to form a musical soundscape which is at once melancholy and thoughtful, yet also uplifting and edgy.

Russ spent his formative years writing electronic music which rarely reached anyone else’s ears. Rachel grew up singing in church, and writing lyrics and playing guitar badly. They met in 2007 through a mutual love of writing fiction, and both did stints fronting covers bands before deciding to join forces as an electronic covers band in 2015. The month before their first gig, they wrote In The Distance… and the covers idea didn’t last long. In 2016, they released their debut EP “Breakdown,” covering such concepts as self awareness, psychological emasculation, and the fickle and shallow nature of the pop music industry.

The pair made their live debut in February 2018 at The Tunnels in Bristol, and played 13 gigs across the year, reaching from Bristol to West Malvern and as far afield as Wakefield. Their visually striking live performance is dramatic and raw, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in their emotions.

In 2019, they remastered and re-released “Breakdown” with 3 brand new remixes, launching their music onto streaming services and online music stores (besides Bandcamp) for the first time. They are currently working on new material for their first album.

In April 2018, Fourth Engine collaborated with Real Experts on track In Pieces for the “Watch This Space” EP and recorded backing vocals on track The Earth Never Moved for the “Urban Myths” EP in 2019. They can occasionally been seen performing live as part of Andrew’s band.

Engine One is a keen remixer, bringing his own unique flavour of techno and acid house to tracks including Hereafter by Sombre Moon, This Time I’m Over You (feat. Erik Stein) by Projekt Ich, and Domus Aurea by Berlyn Trilogy. He is always open to requests, please email